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"If you want to change the world, throw a better party"
Susan Davis

The Networks Festival

May-June 2024

Festival Composers

Co-creating a deeply playful, connective, and engaging festival

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Last Chance!

And Don't Miss!

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What is the Networks Festival?

Across a whole month, thousands of people from around the world came together both online and offline to deepen our understanding of how we leverage relationships to transform our world – and practice doing it together.

The networks festival is a mixture of exhibitions, interactive workshops, local field trips, and collaborative games all about how we amplify social change through networks.​

With network leaders, funders, governments, and changemakers, we shared cutting-edge strategies and tools, amplified stories demonstrating network's extraordinary power to achieve social change, and fostered new connections to nourish longer-term exchange and collaboration.

Why a Networks Festival?


1000's of networks around the globe are driving deep, systemic change

Every day, we experience their impacts across governments, companies, civil society, and academia.


There is an incredible wealth of experience on how networks can (and do) change our world

The impact networks field has made great strides – and there are a plethora of tools and approaches to support this work.


But the vast majority of networks are underfunded, disconnected & misunderstood 

Stories remain untold. Tools and techniques are not commonly known. And funding remains scarce.

The networks festival leverages our deep trove of knowledge and experience to strengthen practice, increase much-needed funding and support, foster new cross-network collaborations for systemic change.

Who is the Festival For?

Anyone curious about how we can amplify collaborative innovation through movements, cooperatives, networks, and community-action groups, including:

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Leaders & Coordinators

of movements, networks & cooperatives looking to mature their change strategies
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Funders & Governments

seeking to spark and scale systemic change change around the globe
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Curious Changemakers

eager to leverage relationships for deep social change

Changemaking through Play

In our experience, some of the most meaningful social change happens when people have fun together.

By centering "play", the Networks Festival:

→ Sparks imagination around new ways of living and working

→ Connects us across diverse cultures and contexts

→ Breaks down barriers around power and equity

→ Brings joy, celebration, and fun!

Playful Formats at the Festival

hands-on learning network skills and techniques

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movements, networks & funders  discover what is possible together

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Obstacle Courses

collaborative spaces to shift more funding to networks

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intimate sharing of perspectives and ideas

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interactive displays of relational-based technologies

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pauses for individual and collective care

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Wellbeing Lounge


May - June 2024

View all Networks Festival events. Sign up for any you choose – events are free!

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