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Fito Funder Camp-outs

A hands-on journey into practices for funding networks and movements to maximize your philanthropic impact

In partnership with

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at the Haas School of Business
University of California, Berkeley

Transformational Change is at our Fingertips...

Around the globe, 10,000's of networks and movements are leading sustainable change.

They are pioneering groundbreaking work that is innovative, collaborative, scalable across diverse places, and equitable in participation.

And they are shifting paradigms, power, and relationships to truly transform systems.


Yet We Estimate That:

Less than 0.4% of the $70 billion in philanthropy is awarded to networks and movements around the globe.​
And most of these networks are able to resource only about 20-30% of their total network needs.

If we're really serious about shifting systems, this much change

Unlocking the Potential of Philanthropy

Over the past few years, the Fito Network has engaged hundreds of funders and network leaders in diverse activities focused on funding networks.​

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Exchanges on funding practices


An open list of network funders

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Analyzing network funding practices of 100's of donors


Events on funding networks

​Through this work, we have uncovered a rich trove of knowledge and experience around funding networks.

But, we've found our work is only touching the surface: most  knowledge remains in the heads of a few – and most funders remain stuck in how to advance their network funding practices.​

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Fito Funder Camp-outs are highly facilitated learning series that bring together exceptional network funders to exchange experiences and get practical answers around critical questions related to funding networks.

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What We'll Explore...

Among the many funders investing in networks, there is one thing in common: they have more questions than answers.​

We are offering a journey in which funders can get answers to key questions around funding networks, movements, ecosystems, and communities of practice.


We'll cover topics like:

Networks Theories of Change


How to identify the pathways for movements, communities of practice, and alumni networks to achieve scalable, sustainable and systemic change.

Relational Philanthropy


How to prioritize trust and relationships in your investments, and act as a connector and convener with other funders and ecosystem actors.

Flexible Funding Models


How to invest in long-term visions with evolving goals based on the needs of diverse communities – and adopt participatory learning cycles to assess emergent outcomes together.

Localizing Resources


How to foster trust-based philanthropic processes that give ownership to local, grassroots communities over where and how funds are invested.

Collective Leadership


How to support the collaborative capacity of leaders to equitably convene multiple stakeholders and steward collective outcomes and governance.

Evaluating Impact


How to assess the value of relationships, the complexity of systems, the ecosystem impact of movements, and the health of networks.

Who are Camp-outs for?

Funders currently investing in networks, ecosystems, movements, and communities of practice – whether they have just started, or been doing it for years.

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Why Might I Join?

Our Funder Camp-outs are no exception. 


They are thoughtful and enriching, offer safe spaces to openly share questions and exchange lessons learned, and deeply connective and fun.

In addition to a treasure trove of useful knowledge, you will also build connections with a unique group of funders you can continue to draw on for help and advice over the long-term – an invaluable resource.

The Fito Network is known for two things: convening amazing groups of people, and delivering deeply engaging and playful experiences.

What Will I Take Away?

Maximizing Impact

You'll have a clearer understanding of how to your network investments lead to transformational and systemic change.

New Investment Practices

You'll understand practical tools and techniques that help you and your team better support and work with networks.

Finding the Right Investments

You'll have an idea of when a networks approach is most effective for your change strategies – and an eye for how to find the “right” ones.

Funders Role

You'll have a better picture of your role beyond just giving money: but as a connector, thought partner, ecosystem actor, and relationship-builder.

Making the Case to Fund Networks

You'll have a better capacity to showcase to your team and trustees the practical value of investing in networks.

Peace of Mind

You'll have less fear about networks being “chaotic and messy” investments, and see how to embrace emergence in ways that lead to meaningful impact.

Don't Miss Out!

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